Roofing Calculator Android Аpp – Free Demo Available In the Android Market

image of Roofing Calculator app for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Roofing Calculator for iPhone available now in App Store!

image of Roofing Calculator app for Android

Roofing Calculator for Android available now in Market!

Try Roofing Calculator Before You Buy (available on Android only)

Most homeowners need and want to know the roof price on the spot. You as a contractor also have the highest chance of closing the deal while you are with the homeowner, and being able to provide a price without delays can often be a deciding factor between you selling the job or not.

Roofing calculator app is made for contractors and sales people to help you quickly estimate prices, cost and amount of materials, and provide your customer with a near instant quote. No more driving to the office or going to your truck to do the math!

Image of Roofing Calculator app main screen Image of Roofing Calculator app results screen

You can now use a free demo version of the app, which you can get from Android Market – either search for “roofing calculator” from your phone’s market app, or get it from the Market website –

Calculator Features

  • Roofing Materials Profiles – you can save your roofing materials prices (including cost of roofing shingles, felt, I&W, roofing nails, ridge vent, drip edge, etc.) as profiles.
  • Chimney and Skylight Flashing – Set the price to flash chimneys / skylights.
  • Waste factor – Set the waste factor for Hip and Gable roofs, which we currently estimate at 7.5% for hip roofs and 5% for gable roofs.
  • Roof tear-off cost – you can set the cost to tear-off 1, 2 or 3 layers of old roofing materials.
  • Number of stories / floors – you can set a certain amount of up-charge for each additional floor in the house, as it costs you more to install a roof on a triple-decker vs. a cape house.
  • Total cost to install the roof you can setup your price per roofing square (your base labor price), and the calculator will add your cost per square for materials, chimney and skylight flashing cost, as well as other additional costs.
  • Roof Type – you can choose between different roof types (currently Hip and Gable roof) and the calculator will automatically estimate all your sizes and length for hips, eaves, rakes, ridge, etc., and apply the waste factor for the chosen roof type.
  • Roof Difficulty – Not every roof is the same, and it is much easier to install a roof on a straight-forward ranch roof, vs. a really cut-up roof with dormers, valleys, side-wall flashing, etc. You can set-up 3 different levels of difficulty: simple, medium and cut-up roof, and save in settings, how much to add per sq. for each difficulty level.
  • New plywood – If you have to install new roof deck sheeting / plywood, you can set-up prices for 1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″ (really? 🙂 ) CDX plywood or OSB sheeting.
  • Landscape and Portrait mode – whether you prefer to hold you mobile device in one hand or with two hands, the calculator will automatically scale to fit the horizontal / vertical orientation of your phone

Roofing Calculator Demo

You can now play around with the app before buying it. The Demo version provides full functionality of the app – you can change all the General Settings, Roofing Material Profiles, including Add/Delete profile functions, and all the main settings. The only difference with a full version is that you can’t see all the results (for obvious reasons). All other functions work, so that you can see exactly what this calculator does. See a complete review and user’s guide of the roofing calculator for Android.

Demo version screenshots:

Image of Roofing Calculator app main screen Image of Roofing Calculator app general settings screen Image of Roofing Calculator app results screen

Please leave your feedback:

To all who have already bought the app and to those who may buy it in the future – please rate the app and leave your comments – here and on the Market – we need to know what you think / like / dislike about the calculator, so that we can improve it / add new features. And thanks for your purchase!

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2 thoughts on “Roofing Calculator Android Аpp – Free Demo Available In the Android Market

  1. Davelyn Leong

    Hi I was interested in this calculator, but I need more information before I purchase. I am not sure if this will be a match for me. Does this allow me to insert my own pricing for each item? Or does this pull from a database of approximate costs? We are in Hawaii and have very different material and labor costs. I need to know that I can customize this to my pricing. I appreciate any feedback.


    1. Leo - roofer with a vision Post author

      Hi Davelyn,

      The calculator app allows you to enter you own prices for all roofing materials and most accessories, as well as miscellaneous costs. You can also enter your own labor costs for almost any type of roof work.

      It comes pre-loaded with general pricing for material and labor, and you would need to change it to your own prices and labor costs after installing the app.

      We have several video guides on how to change these prices. Check out these videos (they are for a older version of app, but are still relevant):

      Let me know if you have more questions.