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  • Roofing Calculator App – the ultimate estimating tool for contractors!
  • Calculate Steep Slope Roofs in Seconds!
  • Save Time, Money and Sell More Jobs!
  • Calculate Multiple Roof Sections, Save & Export Results
  • Roofing Calculator is available for iPhone & Android phones – $19.99 on App Store / Market

Roofing Calculator app is designed for Contractors, Estimators, Salesmen, and can also be used by Realtors and Home Inspectors, to quickly estimate steep sloped roofs – simple or complex. Users can pre-set all installation and labor prices, material costs, and other miscellaneous items. When calculating a job, all you need to do is enter ground dimensions of the roof, slope, tear-off, number of floors, roof flashing and penetration details, and roof substrate replacement.Ridge vent is calculated automatically, and can be manually adjusted by the user.

Once you enter roof information, click the “Calculate” button, and you will get a detailed report, that includes Total Roof Cost of Roof Materials, Labor Prices, and detailed roof measurements and materials breakdown. The reports can be saved, and emailed to the Contractor for internal records, or as a formal proposal to the client.

Roofing Calculator on iPhoneHIGHLIGHTS OF NEW FEATURES

Multiple Roof Sections – include sheds, garages, additions – all calculated at once. You can add up-to 10 roofs or sections per calculation. Our app will intuitively add up all the roof sizes, materials needed for the job.

Saving and Exporting Results – every time you calculate a roof, a report will be generated. You can either modify it, review or export it to yourself or your client in a professional looking estimate PDF file, with your company’s letterhead.

GPS Location – to make your day-to-day work easier, the app will automatically get you location during an estimate, and record it into the report.

Improved Accuracy with the addition of Valley, Dormers, Miscellaneous Costs (Permits, Dumpsters, Equipment, etc) and Sales Tax, prices are highly accurate.

Check out Roofing Calculator running on Samsung Galaxy Note – the best android phone for contractors.

image of Roofing calculator iphone & android - side by side

How To Get the Roofing Calculator App

We made this great app work on the most popular mobile platforms, and you can get it directly from your phone / tablet, by downloading it from the application source – App Store on iPhone, Market on Android, and soon, App World on BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

To get the app from your phone, open Market app and search for “roofing calculator”. Our app should come up at the top.

To get Roofing Calculator for Android app straight from Android Market website – Roofing Calculator App.

Application price: $19.99 – Read a complete review of Roof Calculator for Android platform, including video user’s guide and a walk-through all the features. The App comes with FREE Updates.

You can try a fully functioning roofing calculator demo version, before you purchase a full version, to see if this is the right estimating tool for you.

Please rate the app on the Market if you purchase it, and leave us your feedback on how we can improve it, and what kind of new features you would like to see. We already have a few scheduled updates for the calculator that will be released soon.

Roofing Calculator mobile app

Image of Roofing Calculator app main screen Image of Roofing Calculator app results screen

Introducing Roofing Calculator app for iPhone / iPad and Android smart-phones / tablets. This app helps contractors quickly calculate roof size, cost of materials, cost of labor, and enables you to provide your customers with a nearly instant price quote.

You will no longer have to run to the office to do a take-off or call your suppliers for current pricing. All materials prices and your labor costs will be saved in separate profiles, so all you’ll have to do is plug in roof dimensions, roof pitch and other details and click the “calculate” button – voila, you have your complete quote in front of you, including the cost of your materials.

Roofing Calculator iPhone app introduction video:

Roofing Calculator App Features

The App will combine the functionality of our main roofing calculator and roofing materials calculator, as well as add a ton of customization options:

  • Roofing Materials Profiles – you can save your materials prices (including the cost of shingles, felt, I&W, roofing nails, ridge vent, drip edge, etc.) as profiles.
  • Chimney and Skylight Flashing – Set the price to flash chimneys / skylights.
  • Waste factor – Set the waste factor for Hip and Gable roofs, which we currently estimate at 7.5% for hip roofs and 5% for gable roofs.
  • Roof Slope – the tool will automatically calculate geometrical roof pitch, based on the pitch value you enter, and will provide the length of your gables / roof run.
  • Roof tear-off cost – you can set the cost to tear-off 1, 2 or 3 layers of old roofing materials.
  • Number of stories / floors – you can set a certain amount of up-charge for each additional floor in the house, as it costs you more to install a roof on a triple-decker vs. a cape house.
  • Total cost to install the roof you can set up your price per roofing square (your base labor price), and the calculator will add your cost per square for materials, chimney and skylight flashing cost, as well as other additional costs.
  • Roof Type – you can choose between different roof types (currently Hip and Gable roof) and the calculator will automatically estimate all your sizes and lengths for hips, eaves, rakes, ridge, etc., and apply the waste factor for a chosen roof type.
  • Roof Difficulty – Not every roof is the same, and it is much easier to install a roof on a straight-forward ranch, vs. a really cut-up roof with dormers, valleys, side-wall flashing, etc. You can set-up 3 different levels of difficulty: simple, medium and cut-up, and save in settings, how much to add per sq. for each difficulty level.
  • New Plywood – If you have to install new roof deck sheeting / plywood, you can set-up prices for 1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″ (really? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) CDX plywood or OSB sheeting.
  • Landscape and Portrait Mode – whether you prefer to hold you mobile device in one hand or with two hands, the calculator will automatically scale to fit the horizontal / vertical orientation of your phone

Calculator Updates

We are working on many updates. We are considering to either have separate versions of the calculator for flat roofs and metal roofing shingles and metal roof panels or shingles, or combining them into a single application with extended functionality.

All updates will be posted online in the Appstore and Android Market and you will be able to update your app for free (even if we add / extend functionality).

Adding more features – we will work on adding more features as time goes by. For example, one of the major updates we are working out right now is for the app to be able to calculate cut-up roofs with multiple valleys and dormers. However, these features will not be available in the release version of the calculator, as there are some technical / logistical and lay-out difficulties in implementing them on a small screen of an iPhone / Android phone.

We need your feedback!

As we are working on this roofing calculator app, we can only consider things that we think are important. However, each contractor / estimator will need some special set of features – that is where we need to rely on you to let us know what you would want to see in this app.

Leave us your feedback in the comments section below, or join this roofing calculator discussion on forum.

History of the Roofing Calculator Mobile App

You can see full updates and app creation history .

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37 thoughts on “Roofing Calculator App for iPhone and Android

    1. Leo B - roofer with a vision

      Hi Theresa,

      First, thank you for purchasing our app.

      Unfortunately, yes – if you switch fro Android to iOS and you will need to buy the app again, since we have no way of “transferring” your purchase from Google to Apple. I wish we could help you on this, but it’s out of our hands.

  1. Michael White

    I had high hopes for the app. I am tempted to leave some negative feedback, but I will wait and see what you have to say. You are very close to having a useful app, but at this time, I wasted $20.00. There is no section for company overhead and profit to be built in and adjusted. Labor is calculated at a base rate, then additional is added per layer, per sheet of plywood, per chimney, per piece if drip edge, per box vent, per foot of ridge vent. There is no section for permit cost. There is no section for disposal fee. There is no section for Material delivery fee. Tax can only be computed on material cost. Labor and profit is non-taxable. The materials should be exact. The labor should be exact. Then the percentage of profit desired should be calculated by adding all labor and materials, multiplied by the the percentage of profit, and this should be your roof total. Currently, you can have zeros in all fields, and there is cost remaining. Labor is not broken up into installation and tear off, unless you are installing a layover, where as just installation without tear off would come into play. The app screen itself does not correctly fit into my iphone 5, and the calculate button is 2/3 covered at the bottom. The send button at the top is obscured as well. I am sure that this is technical to build an app, but you shouldn’t accept money for something that doesn’t operate correctly. As a longtime roofer, I have never taken payment for a half finished product. I could recommend this app to hundreds of people that I know, and even include a useful link on my website for my friends to gain access, but I will not until this is corrected. I will wait a week before I leave a review in the app store of 1-5, and see if you are going to address these issues.

    1. Leo B - roofer with a vision


      First – thanks for buying the app. Second, your comment got mixed up with spam, so I’m just approving it and responding to you.

      Third – we have serious problem when it comes to getting FEEDBACK about the app from roofers. So thank you for writing such a long comment! IN all the years we’ve been selling the app, we only received 10 or less real good comments and suggestions on how to improve the app. Roofers just don’t bother telling us what we can do better, so we don’t know about issues and assume all is good.

      Most complaints were solved when we released Version 2, which included multiple roof sections and saving / exporting results.

      Now about your comments:

      “There is no section for permit cost. There is no section for disposal fee. There is no section for Material delivery fee.”

      There is MISC Cost line at the bottom of calculator, where these items can be added. Adding separate line for each of these items will make this tool to complex and difficult to use. I will add a section is Settings were these can be OPTIONALLY added to the job.

      Company Overhead / Profit

      How would you want this to work? Per square (adjusted in Materials Section) or per Job (set on the main calculator screen)?

      I figured contractors would add it into LABOR … I will separate it out.

      I will ad a PROFIT / OVERHEAD percentage added to current job total.

      Tax is charged on MATERIALS only – I don’t know of a state where sales tax is charged onto LABOR and profit. These are “income taxes”, and are done by your CPA. I can’t add sales tax to labor – sorry.

      ” Currently, you can have zeros in all fields, and there is cost remaining. “ – this cost is Misc items that you would use on almost any job – nails, caulk, other small items. These are part of EACH material.

      VISUALS – The app was build for iOS 4/5, and was not designed for 4″ screen. We did make necessary changes to make it work with iOS 7, and I did not see “Calculate” button disappear. I will have my developer work on this.

      To sum it all up Mike, these are good points and I will use many of them to make this app better.

      In our next big release, we will make most of these changes, while small stuff can be added to current version.

      PS – it takes at least 10 days to publish updated version of the app, as it goes into REVIEW – so your 1 week ultimatum is useless – even if we wanted, we could not deliver in 1 week…

      Thanks, Leo

  2. Kevin Bliss

    I love your app. May I offer a few suggestions to make it better? First, in the state of MO. We require no license for our roofing business. I’d like to be able to omit the default implementation of the license on the PDF.
    Second, add drop down menu option to show material in square. For example, 3 bundles= 1 square or 4bundles= 1 square.
    Third, on the roof tabs in your app, I’d like to have the option to rename the roof tabs for multiple buildings at same address. (ex: Detached garage, goat barn, ect.)
    Fourth, have option to show box vents in estimate instead of just ridge vent.
    Last, add separate area on same estimate for a house that has both gables and hips.
    Than you for putting this app together. This app has lots of potential. I can tell that a lot of thought and work has been put into this.

  3. Dan


    I’m based in New Zealand and have some roofing clients who need an app to work on their ipads. Is your software metric capable?

    Thanks, Dan

  4. Mike Fleming

    We just bought this app from iTunes today but it will not let me enter the length of the roof. on Section 1. I have deleted and re-installed and still cannot enter it.

    Is there something I’m missing.

    Mike Fleming

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  6. Luke Allan

    Hi I live in Australia and use the metro. System, I have down loaded this app and am unable to use it.

    Can it be changed to the metric system ??


    Luke Allan

    1. Leo - roofer with a vision Post author

      Hi Luke,

      We are working on adding Metric system to the calculator. However it’s not as simple as just changing units – we have to completely rewrite the formula, to adopt it to meters, so the measurements come out correctly.

      Quick question for you – what is the most common residential sloped roofing material in Australia / New Zealand?

      What do you typically use for rake / gable trim, and what is the length (exposure) of it?

      We will have metric system out soon (couple of months or faster).


  7. David

    hi, I want to purchase the app for iPhone/iPad. can you tell me if the standing seam option has been added? also, can we input prices in sterling instead of dollars?

    1. Leo - roofer with a vision Post author

      Hi David,

      The standing seam has not been added – we will most likely have to make a stand-alone metal roof calculator app, as combining functions of asphalt shingles and metal roofing into one app my create too much confusion for the user, and certain errors in actual calculations, because of the way vertical panels are calculated, vs shingles.

      As for currency – my thinking is – if you enter the number (price) the currency symbol makes no difference – just assume the price is in your local currency. If we start adding options for this, we will need to include pound sterlings, euros, pesos, rubles, dollars, yuans, yens, etc. This is not a necessary option for the calculation accuracy in my opinion – so at this moment we have no plans to implement this function.

      What we do plan to add, is metric system calculation, along with imperial (feet / inches) currently used as default measurement units in US and consequently in our roofing calculator. I think many roofers in Europe and elsewhere in the world, will find this very useful.

      However, since I personally never worked with metric system, I have some questions to you (and other roofers outside of US):

      How do you measure roof slope? In degrees or in roof pitch?

      What is the default (typical) length of drip-edge metal? In US it is 10 feet. My thinking is that it is 3 meters in Europe.

      Are shingles sold in square meters? what is a typical price of an equivalent of 10 sq. m. of 30 years laminated shingles?

      Also – ridge vent length / price, ridge cap coverage per bundle (in meters).

      Any other discrepancies you can think of between metric and imperial measurements.

      Metal roofing in Metric system:

      How do you measure metal roof panel width in England? Our typical width here are 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″
      Ridge cap coverage is usually 6″ on either side.
      What is the height of the ribs on standing seam panels (ours is 1″ and 1.75″).

      This input would be most helpful for us to create an all-around useful roof estimating software for you guys.

      Sincerely, Leo

  8. Leo - roofer with a vision Post author

    @ Frank

    Entering squares will easy to implement, but the whole point of this calculator is that it also gives you complete measurements for all the trim and drip edge and ridge vent, etc.

    This can only be achieved by entering roof dimensions – otherwise how will the program know that you need 30 feet of ridge cap and 85 feet of drip edge, etc.

    As for printing results, we are working on it – please be patient – we want this feature to work well before we release it.

  9. Frank

    I like the App but if there was a way to input Square instead of measurments of house… Also agree with being able to print. thanks

  10. Roger

    I purchased the app for my iPhone. I’m impressed with is so far but am very dissapointed that there is no email feature where I can’t send to print. This would be a huge improvement. I could have a printer in my truck, send it to print, and have a professional estimate/contract waiting for me in my truck before I even get off the roof. I have another app that allows this but it is very basic and doesn’t have everything I need for a complete estimate. Am I missing something? If it can be emailed, I can’t find it. It seems to me that this simple feature would improve this up 100%. Thanks

    1. Leo - roofer with a vision Post author

      Hi Roger,

      I wanted to let you know that Roof Calc v2 is available for download โ€“ please update.

      Now you can do up-to 10 roofs at a time! You can also save and export results. And many more things โ€“ all the way to sending your client formal proposal right form the calculator app.

      Please let me know what you think / what we can improve or add to make your job easier, and help you sell more roofs.

      Please also rate the app / leave feedback on app store / market.


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  12. juan

    hi. leo. if you can create something like ambisaw for iphone, in this case for android. let me know and i will be the first one to buy it. thank you

    1. Leo - roofer with a vision Post author

      Hi Juan,

      I will look into it. It’s a little complicated to do a full cut list for plywood – I think we will do just a number of 4×8 sheets based on roof size, rounded up to the nearest square, after waste. This will be the most accurate and simplest option I think.


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  15. Shawn

    I like the app. But to better understand it can you tell me how each setting is formulated.

    Ie how much money is added for each dormer, or price per field squares.


    1. Leo - roofer with a vision Post author

      Hi Shawn,

      Prices per square are set in the roofing materials profile settings. You set materials price per sq. and labor price per sq. Labor is calculated based on the roof area, and for hop roofs, the app ads 5% for extra work. Here is a video walk-through of roofing profiles:

      Materials are calculated based on roof area plus waste. Default waste factor is 5% for gable roof and 7.5% for hip roofs, and this can be changed in general settings. General settings video:

      As for dormers – we are almost done with multiple roof sections update, which we will roll out soon. Right now you can use “roof difficulty” setting if your roof has dormers. Roof difficulty add-on (additional charge per sq.) can also be set in the general settings.

      Also here is what many roofers miss, and I did too, until I began calculating roofs geometrically (not by just using roof pitch multipliers and guesstimating) – dormers don’t really add any additional square footage to the total roof area. A typical 1 window dormer adds about 20-30 sq ft maximum, or even less. However, dormers are a major obstacle on a roof and take a long time to do. Therefore, a roof difficulty setting is a much better measure than calculating a dormer as a separate roof.

      What we will do, is add additional setting for small and large dormers (just like skylight or chimney flashing) where you can add a charge per dormer. Like I said – it barely affects your total roof size. For example, I measured a roof, with a HUGE dormer which was about 35 feet wide at the base, with 28 feet valleys. It added only about 130 sq. ft. to the total roof area, compare to the identical opposite side of the roof without a dormer on it.

      Look forward to the app updates. We will upload them as soon as they are ready.


      1. Michael White

        Dormers do add area. The size of the overhang and the additional pitch of the roof. Also, You then have the valleys that have two layers of the shingle. Food for thought.

    2. Anu

      No don’t put siding on it- they make all sorts of Metal Roofing, in all sorts of Color, find out what your doing and whats avaiblle before you start on this, Call a Company that Sells Metal buildings or Pole Buildings, or Metal building componets, Masonite once made a Roof product, looked like Wood shingles, but they had problems with it I think .

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  18. juan

    hi. i am looking for an apps for android that i can use it in my cutting list for my cabinet shop. and of course that do nesting. thank you. by.

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  20. Leo - roofer with a vision Post author

    Hi Laura

    Release version will support metric system as well as feet / inches.

    App will have roofing material profiles, where you can specify all prices.

    We do not plan to have PC version โ€“ Mobile app only (Android and iOS). Android version will be coming in Jan, while iPhone version is planned for February, or possibly 1st half of march, due to possible development delays.

    Please read the development update of Android version of the app โ€“

    As far as โ€œzinc and colourbond roofsโ€ โ€ฆ what is colourbond??? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Zinc โ€“ is it standing seam panels? We have not decided yet if we will have a separate version of a standing seam metal roof calculator, or combine it with the main version. Itโ€™s both a technical and a business decision, but so far, I think it will be just a single version.

  21. Laura Rizk

    We are a plumbing business in Australia. We install zinc and colourbond roofs. We would love an application which helps estimate the cost of a job specifically for metal roofs. Preferably metric. We would need to be able to imput our own material prices and adjust labour prices. An application for the iphone would be ideal but also to download to our pc. Do you have a program which would work?