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How to Calculate Roof Pitch

This is part 2 of our Roof Pitch guide. In the first part, we’ve reviewed what roof pitch is and how you can use it to measure and estimate roof size and replacement cost. Roof pitch is essentially a measurement of roof slope / roof steepness, and is used by… Read more »

Roof Estimating – Learn How To Estimate Roof Prices

This estimating guide is a continuation of our two-part series for contractors, on how to measure and estimate roofing prices. See part one of this guide to learn how to measure a roof. Calculating Roofing Materials and Estimating Prices For the purposes of this guide, I will use asphalt shingles… Read more »

Roofing Square – How Contractors Measure And Price Roofs

Roofing square is the most common measurement unit used by roofers, as well as contractors from many other trades. It greatly simplifies communication between architects, contractors, roofing manufacturers, suppliers and even clients. It’s much easier to say 25 squares than 2507 square feet, and there is less information lost in… Read more »

Roofing Materials and Prices Calculator Update

The Roofing Calculator tool has gone through a major update on Oct. 15, 2010. Now, it is even better at estimating roofing materials and installation prices. You can get the most accurate quote to install asphalt shingles, metal or a variety of flat roofing options – all of these are… Read more »

How to Measure a Roof – guide for homeowners and roof estimators

This in-depth, yet simple roof measuring guide will help you measure your roof, and with the help of the Roofing Calculator you will be able to estimate your roof replacement cost. This guide will be helpful to homeowners, roofing contractors and roof estimators / salespeople alike, as it will describe… Read more »