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The roofing materials calculator will help you estimate current pricing and the amount of materials you will need to purchase to replace your roof. Right now, prices will be calculated for asphalt shingles only, with metal roofing materials’ prices to follow soon.

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Roofing Materials Calculator update – 8/14/2011: – we have updated our calculator to reflect rising roofing prices that have taken place in the past year.

One important thing we need to mention – we switched prices of roofing materials form GAF Timberline 30 year architectural shingles to Owens Corning Oakridge 30 year laminated asphalt shingles. The reason for this is that we used Home Depot’s website to pull prices of roofing materials, so that everyone can confirm them. However, Home Depot does not publish roofing materials prices any more (or we could not find them, but I searched for 15 minutes, using various search terms and looking through many roofing categories). We have now switched to Lowe’s website for publicly available costs of shingles.

Change in Roofing Prices: The cost of 30-year laminated shingles went up from $27.95 per bundle to 33.75 per bundle (you will need 3 bundles for each roofing square or 100 sq. ft. of roof area). That is almost $6 per bundle or $18 per square increase in cost. Other small changes were made to the roofing accessories costs, ranging about 5%.

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Roofing Materials Calculator Features

This tool will calculate the exact amount of materials that you will need to install a new roof. You will get measurements and current prices for the following roofing materials and accessories:

  • Materials: shingles, metal panels, or other types of roof materials, based on squares or bundles.
  • Underlayment – Ice and Water shield, felt (tar paper) and or synthetic underlayment.
  • Ridge / Hip Caps – ridge cap shingles (for asphalt and some metal roofing systems, and ridge / hip cap sections for standing seam metal and flat roofs.
  • Ridge Vent – length and price of Cobra or similar ridge ventilation system. Not all roofs will need it, but it is highly recommended to use a ridge vent system along with soffit vents. This will extend the lifespan of your roof and help prevent ice dams, along with having adequate roof ventilation / attic insulation and Ice & Water Shield installed along the eaves of your roof.
  • Accessories – roofing nails (1 box / bucket of coil roof nails for roofing guns or hand nails), pipe vent flashing (3 pieces), step flashing (100 count), and roofing caulk (3 tubes of Solar Seal 900).
  • Drip Edge – number and cost of 10 foot sections of drip edge.

All prices and materials calculations include waste and are rounded up to the exact amount of what you will need to install a roof, with minimal left over materials. For example, the ridge vent usually comes in 20 feet rolls, so if you have a 25 feet of ridge vent opening, the calculator will price two rolls.

How to Use Roofing Materials Calculator

To get the most accurate results, it is neccessary to accurately measure your roof and it’s pitch – refer to our roof measuring guide, which will walk you through the steps needed to get the most accurate measurements. After you have measured the roof and got a more or less accurate pitch measurement, plug those numbers into the calculator fields, making sure that your gable side is the width of your roof – this is important only if you have a gable roof. If you have a hip or mansard roof, this will not be important. If you are unsure which roof type you have, refer to our roof types guide.

After you have entered your roof dimensions and other info needed, press the “calculate roofing materials” button, and the results will appear below, in the same window. On the right you will see dimensions and amounts of needed materials, and on the left you will see the prices for each type of material.

Note that we are using standard waste factor for gable and hip / mansard roof types. Waste factor for a gable roof is 5% and for hip / mansard roof it is 7.5%, which is approximately what you will see in the real world installation, unless you pick up and save every piece of shingle that you cut off on the roof ends. On a hip roof, you can not really avoid waste, as you need to cut off corners of shingles or metal panels on roof ends.

Roofing Prices

All asphalt shingles prices are calculated based on current prices from the Home Depot website. These prices are approximately what roofing supply would charge a contractor, so there won’t be much difference between what you or a contractor will pay for materials. If you are having a roof installed by a professional contractor, learn how they come up with their costs in our roofing prices guide. By using this calculator, you’ll be able to see how much the materials cost, and how much of your total price goes to labor, overhead and profit of the contractor.

Roofing Materials Resources

Roofing Directory – lists roofing resources, including informational sites, forums, roofing materials categorized by the type of application (shingles, sloped, flat, metal roofs, etc.), as well as local contractors.

Asphalt Shingles Roofing – learn about different types, manufacturers and installation techniques of shingles – the most popular type of residential roofing.

Metal Roofing Materials – Standing Seam, Metal Shingles and other types of metal roofing. Research installation costs, and discover the pros and cons of metal.

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See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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    Great site, I recently had 3 contractors to my home to give estimates on reroofing my garage which is 24 length, 10′ wide and 7′ hight to ridge vent. Currently 3 layers on top.

    $1200.00 to tear off and re-roof with architectural shingles. I now have an idea of what items are required and prices for new materials.

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