Metal Roofing Prices

image of Residential standing seam metal roof Many roofing manufacturers are shifting their production from traditional asphalt shingle roofs to more technologically advanced metal roofing systems (  There used to be a time when metal roofs were associated with the rusty barns and agricultural buildings.  However, modern metal roofs are coated with a layer of aluminum and zinc, which provides protection against corrosion and rust. 

The old corrugated metal roofing profiles are replaced by more visually appealing standing-seam and metal shingle roofs.  Learn how affordable metal roofing systems can help make your home greener and more energy efficient.

A metal shingles roof is the basic type of a residential metal roofing system. Metal shingles usually feature a four way inter-locking design, which means that every single shingle is interlocked with six other shingles on all four sides.

The advantage of the inter-locking roof design is that it makes the whole system extremely reliable, because every shingle is being held in place by six other shingles. Inter-locking metal roofing systems attain wind uplift ratings of up to 110 miles per hour, which qualifies them to be installed in Miami Dade county in Florida, a place with the strictest building codes and frequent storms.

Metal shingles roofs provide long lasting and reliable protection against snow, ice, and the elements. Metal shingle roofs are often made out of a minimum of 30% post consumer metal content, which qualifies them for the LEED green building credits. Many metal shingle roofs are coated with cool metal roofing colors, and carry energy star and cool-roof ratings. Metal shingle roofs can last two times longer than conventional asphalt shingle roofs. Metal shingles roofs are available in 3 types of metal; galvanized steel, aluminum, and copper.

Let’s cover roofing material pricing for the three types of metal mentioned above. Galvanized steel metal shingles cost about $250 per square. Aluminum shingles cost about $300 per square. Copper shingles cost about $1000 per square. Residential and commercial metal roofing cost ( tends to fluctuate with the changes in the prices of aluminum, steel and copper. The overall economy also plays a role in the willingness of roofing contractors to lower their prices in order to get the job.

The installation price of a metal shingles roof is usually around $400 to $600 per roof square.

Standing-seam roofing is another type of a metal roofing system available to the homeowners. Standing-seam roofing materials cost about $500 to $600 per square and another $500 to $600 for the installation of a metal roofing system. Thus, we can expect to pay in the range of $1000 to $1200 for the installation of a standing-seam metal roof.

You may ask, is metal roofing worth it? Considering the fact that a metal roof can last two to three times longer than an asphalt shingles roof, the price of installing a new metal roof is really worth it. In addition to a long lasting and durable metal roof, you can get energy savings and lower your cooling costs by 20% to 35%. Some ultra cool metal roofs in white colors can deliver energy savings of over 40 percent. Clearly, although initially more expensive, metal roofs provide significant benefits to the homeowner, which makes the possibility of installing a sustainable metal roof quite feasible.

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