FREE Roofing Calculator App – iPhone, iPad and Android

We are happy to let you know that we have released a FREE mobile app, based on our immensely popular online roofing calculator, which has helped thousands of homeowners save money on new roofs, by estimating an accurate and fair cost of roof replacement. Now, this great tool is available as a mobile app on most popular platforms: iOS and Android, and can be downloaded from the App Store / Play Store today. And best of all – it is absolutely FREE for homeowners (non-commercial use).

Free Roofing  Calculator APP

Roof Calculator FREE on iOS App Store Roof Calculator FREE on Android Play Store

Never overpay for a new roof again! Use our app to calculate FAIR roof replacement cost based on your roof size, technical details and your region in US. Save HUNDREDS (even THOUSANDS) of dollars on a new roof when negotiating with contractors. You can also get up-to 4 free roof estimates from pre-screened contractors.

Our calculator uses the following criteria to calculate the most accurate price for your roof replacement project:

1. Roof size
2. Roof slope (including VISUAL ROOF SLOPE GUIDE)
3. Number of chimneys and skylights
4. Roof complexity
5. Your region

You can select to get prices for multiple materials: Asphalt Shingles, Metal Roofing, and Flat Rubber Roofing.

Users can make up to 4 calculations for Free, which is enough for a typical homeowner. Roofing Contractors can unlock an unlimited number of calculations for $4.99

We can also make a custom app for your roofing business, with your own prices, logo, website, jobs portfolio, and custom contact / estimate form.


The images below are from both iPhone and Android versions. Note the second screenshot has “Visual Roof Slope” guide that is not present in the iOS version. This is due to limitations of how iOS displays the multiple selection carousel.

How To Use Roofing Calculator FREE:

Since both iPhone ad Android apps are nearly identical, using them is very simple:

To calculate the cost of your project, enter roof size (ground dimensions), slope, # of chimneys and skylights, roof complexity, and your region, and get your price quotes for for multiple roofing materials.

Roof Size: Measure the ground dimensions of your house with a tape measure, and be sure to add any overhangs.

For example, if your house is 26 feet wide (gable sides) by 42 feet long (front / back) and you have 1 foot overhangs on front and back and no overhangs on the sides, you should add 2 feet to the side dimension – enter 28 x 42 into roof size fields.

If you have 6″ overhangs all around, add 1 foot to each dimension (27 x 43).

Roof Slope: If you are unsure what you roof slope is, use visual help (images next to each slope setting, and chose the one that best represents your roof). Note, that this will only be available on the Android platform, due to the way iOS handles multiple selections.

Roof Difficulty / Complexity: This is a rather tricky concept, but to be on the safe side, assume that homeowners usually underestimate real roof complexity, while contractors sometimes overestimate it. However, roofers are the ones who will be doing the work, thus they know better how simple or complex the roof is. Therefore, if you think that your roof is between simple and medium complexity, choose medium. If you thing that it is more on the difficult / cut-up side, choose difficult. This way you will always be safe, and will not get a price estimate that is too low.

Skylights and Chimneys: Enter the combined number of skylights and chimneys.

Choose your region: Your local prices will be different than the National average, in some cases by as much as 18%. Our calculator is one of the most accurate tools on the market in terms of regional roof price differences. However, it may still be slightly off, if your city/town is way more expensive that the rest of your region, or if it is much poorer.

Finally click CALCULATE, and you will get a combined prices chart for 6 types of roofing materials. You can also request a free roofing estimate from local prescreened contractors, that are part of Roofing Networks.

Check out our other mobile apps (Roof Calculator PRO)

If you are a contractor, check out our Roofing Calculator PRO App here.

The pro version gives you control over ALL aspects of roof calculation, material prices, and many other details. Watch the short video below to see a demo of Roof Calc Pro

Roofing Calculator APP Updated to ver. 2.0 – Many New Great Features Added

We are pleased to announce that our already popular Roofing Calculator PRO app, that is available for iPhone / iPad (now with Native iPad support) and Android, is updated to version 2.0. It includes MANY new and exciting features, that will help you Estimate ANY Roof even faster and more accurately.

You have spoken and we have listened – based on YOUR comments here on our website and those in App Store / Android Play Store, we added ALL the things you’ve asked about, and MANY more!

Download Roofing Calculator PRO V2:

Roofing Calculator app for iPhone

Roofing Calculator app for Android

Roofing Calculator 2.0 for IPhone – Screen Shots:

image of Roofing Calculator v2 - Main Screen image of Roofing Calculator v2 - Roof Prices image of Roofing Calculator v2 - Settings Screen image of Roofing Calculator v2 - Results Export Screen

New Features Include

  • Multiple Roof Sections!
  • Valley Calculation!
  • Dormer Calculation!
  • GPS Location to get and Record Job Address!
  • Save and Modify Calculation Results!
  • Results Exporting as PDF / Plain Text for Your Records or as a Formal Roof Proposal!
  • Your Company Info, that will appear on the Letterhead of your Exports!
  • Miscellaneous Costs (Permits / Dumpsters / Equipment, etc) and Sales Tax!
  • More Intuitive App Navigation – All Features are listed as logical groups!
  • Native support for iPad 10″ screen!

Let’s take a closer look at all the new features:

Calculation Improvements

image of Roofing Calculator v2 - Multiple Roof Sections, Dormers, Valley, MISC costsMultiple Roof Sections:

In Version 1, you could calculate only 1 roof at a time. While this worked for most estimates, there are always houses with very cut-up roofs, or multiple buildings on the property, that need to be re-roofed. Now, you can have as many as 10 roofs or sections in one calculation.

All results are combined to give you an overall snapshot of all costs and sizes, and broken down into detailed materials, prices and sizes list for each section!

Valley Calculation:

In version 1, we were also missing the ability to calculate a valley – a common feature on many roofs. One of the reasons it was not added to the initial release, was the fact that we were not sure how you wanted it, and how we could implement it, so it does not confuse you, when estimating a roof.

The way it’s done now – there is a set cost per 1 linear foot of valley (valley labor cost), and it also automatically adds Ice & Water Shield (I&W) to the Underlayment section in the results. For valley length between 1 and 60 feet, we add 1 roll of I&W. For valley longer than 60 feet, additional rollas are added, is steps of 60 feet.

Optional: We are considering adding 3 sq. ft. of roof shingles for every foot of valley – let us know how you feel about it – should it be done as part of the valley calculation, or go into the roof waste factor? Please voice your opinion in the comments section below.

Dormers Calculation:

Now you can set a specific price for EACH dormer, and just enter the number of dormers on the roof.

We figure that dormers do not take extra shingles (maybe 20-30 sq. ft. of shingle more than if a dormer was not there), but take a long time to work around. Between doing roof to wall flashing, and doing a valley at the top of a typical gable or hip dormer, you can spend a few hours on each dormer easily. So just figure out your cost or price for each dormer, and it will be calculated as Labor Cost.

Miscellaneous Costs / Charges:

Although this is already implemented in the Roofing Materials Section, there are charges that cannot be tied to material prices, and pertain to the job as a whole. Examples are Building Permits, Dumpsters / Disposal Fees, Equipment Rental, etc. You can add these MISC costs on the main calculator screen.

Sales Tax:

Is it April 15th again? No – but you still need to pay the “dreaded” taxes on the materials you buy (unless you are doing a tax-exempt job). In the general Roof Settings, you can now enter your state’s sales tax (even with decimal points for states such as MA, where sales tax is 6.25%). Sales tax will be automatically added to the materials cost.

Saving, Modifying and Exporting Calculated Results:

image of Roofing Calculator v2 - Saved Calculation ReportYou can now also save your calculation results, email them to yourself for your own records, or send it to your customer as a formal proposal / estimate! This Results Export option is available in PDF and plain text format.

With the addition of GPS Positioning / Location, the address of your roof estimate is auto recorded when you click the “Calculate” button, and is saved with the results. You can always change the address, phone number, add Notes (such as details about the project, materials, customer, etc.).

You can even open an “old” saved report, and go back to modify your calculations without typing in the setting you used. This could be useful if, for example, you did the estimate many months ago, but the materials prices have changed, or the customer wants to use a different type of roofing shingles.

With Modify option, you will not need to remeasure the roof, or type in individual details for each section – all your options are saved and ready for your use!

Company Profile:

In this section, you can enter information about your roofing company, such as Name, Address, Phone #, Website / Email, and Construction License #. This information will appear on the Letterhead of your Exports and Proposal to the client, to make the proposal look official and presentable.

You can also register your copy of Roofing Calculator App – if you do, we will be able to send you updates/news about our app, and about new apps and services that will be useful to you. We pledge not to send you spam, or “regular news letters” or sell your information to a 3rd party. This is only for our records and so we can communicate with you and know who our customers are.

FREE Gift To the First 100 Users Who Register Roofing Calculator App

We are going to send you a thank-you gift for buying our app – a high-quality T-Shirt with a funny Roofing Calculator design on it. We are working on the design now, and will take your suggestions!

The iPhone version is undergoing App Store review process (as of July 12, 2012) and should appear in the App Store within a couple of days.

The Android version will be available within a week, as we are finishing final tests and bug-tracking.

Thank you for purchasing our app!