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Re Roofing with a Metal Roof

Homeowners and building owners can attest that dealing with leaks, repairs and having to replace an old roof with a new one is no fun. Re roofing is a messy job, and it is expensive. To make matters worse, having to replace one’s own roof a few times is frustrating and adds up financially. The question that comes up is that of finding a better roofing alternative. Many homeowners struggle to find a material that is durable, reliable, and energy efficient. However, more and more people are discovering that metal roofing fits their needs.

The first impression of metal roofing is that it’s beautiful, energy efficient, long lasting, and EXPENSIVE. What many homeowners don’t realize, is that its cost is actually lower than that of an asphalt shingle roof, if you consider that you may have to replace asphalt shingles four times to match the longevity of a metal roof. In fact, metal has the lowest lifecycle cost out of all roofing materials that are out there.

Benefits of Metal

Steel Roofing Shingle

Metal roofing can last well over 40 years. High end metals, such as zinc and copper can last for 100 years. Metal roofs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They possess a high degree of solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity. Specially formulated Kynar resin painted metal reflects solar radiant heat, which reduces thermal gain of the roofing surface, and prevents the heat from passing inside the house. This reduces the heat gain inside the house during warmer seasons, reduces the air conditioning load and results in energy savings on cooling costs. A reduced air conditioning load reduces the electricity load during peak hours. Energy efficiency of metal roofing qualifies it as a green building material that can increase sustainability and energy efficiency of residential and commercial roofs.

Homeowners who consider installing a metal roof can pick from a great variety of colors and options. Standing-seam is the product that most homeowners are familiar with, because it is used extensively on commercial roofs, protecting the roofs of supermarkets, restaurants, and other retail facilities. Standing-seam is both a commercial and a residential metal roofing product that offers energy efficiency, durability, and helps prevent ice dams in colder climates.

Another popular metal roofing material is steel roofing shingles, that is reminiscent of conventional asphalt shingle roofs, and provides similar reliability and durability to standing-seam.

Cost of Metal Roofing

Metal shingle roofs costs less than standing-seam, because metal shingles installation takes less time than standing-seam. The reason is that standing-seam metal roofing  panels need to be measured and pre-cut exactly to match the size of the roof. Metal roofs cost approximately two times to three times more than asphalt shingle roofing. However, on the up side, metal roofing increases the value of your home and actually maintains that value over the years as it provides energy savings and practically pays for itself.

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